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Don’t Put Things Away While Drinking

This blog post is more of a quick cautionary tale than a professional anecdote. However, it has professional applications.

Don’t put things away while drinking. Here’s why;

You won’t be able to find them again easily.

I learned this the hard way when, as Christmas approached one year and I needed to tidy my apartment despite really, really not wanting to, I decided ‘chores are way more fun when inebriated!‘ and opened a bottle of pinot grigio.


An excellent drawing by Yours Truly, displaying why I don’t really drink wine anymore.

I drank, and the more merry I became, the more work that got done. I vacuumed, de-odourised the carpet, mopped, put clothes away, ironed, folded, emptied the bin, tidied the kitchen bench, did the dishes, aired out blankets and cushions, wiped the dust of the air conditioner vents, and disinfected the bathroom. It took me about 4 hours and when I was done I went to bed incredibly satisfied.
Now, I wasn’t blind drunk. I’d had about…3 standard drinks, and that was the only drinking session I’d had that week. I woke up a little tired, but not hungover, and wandered through my sparkling clean apartment.
The problems began when I went to get dressed for the day. I couldn’t find my clothes.
Where had I put them?
15 minutes later, I found them in a drawer they don’t usually go, because I had made a lazy call while cleaning and stuffed them into a convenient drawer instead of organising another one. This happened again, and again, as I went about my day looking for things. Books were put on a new shelf. Clothes were in a different drawer. I couldn’t accurately recall if I had thrown X away or put Y somewhere new. It wasn’t a total loss of memory – I could remember holding the item and walking into a room with that item, but my recall as to where exactly I had put some things escaped me.

I later found those things neatly packed into boxes and stored on the top of a high cupboard where I don’t normally see them.

The professional application of this lesson is to not force yourself to do unpleasant tasks, and if you do have to force yourself to work…don’t choose alcohol as a motivator. The resulting work will be messy and most likely create more work to fix your mistakes, which could easily have been avoided if you had simply waited for a good time rather than forcing yourself to the task. You’ll be happy to know that, since this life experience, I haven’t made this same mistake again. I also don’t drink wine much anymore.

Some better motivators are music, a total lack of internet connection, or maybe just a day that you ‘feel’ like housework.

Learn from my mistakes. Don’t try to put things away while drinking.


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