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Personal Resilience – Opinion

This is NOT a post about the theory of Personal Resilience, this is a personal anecdote in favour of the fact that Personal Resilience is not always the 'weak link' of employees surviving workplace issues. Sometimes, the fault lies with the workplace. Doctors time and again have postulated that it's not them, it's the hospital,… Continue reading Personal Resilience – Opinion

PhD Progress & Thoughts

What Midsomer Murders taught me about Success

During my Honours year, I got kind of addicted to crime procedurals and 'murder mysteries' like Midsomer Murders. The 'Cotswold Mysteries' series by Rebecca Tope only fuelled my fire for the entertaining and convoluted ways that people could die in an idyllic setting. From 'murder by shovel' and 'death by banana python', all the weird… Continue reading What Midsomer Murders taught me about Success

Culture Studies

Language quirks The following link explains all the different ways I have to count things when I use Japanese. I was laughed at for counting a plate the same way you count small animals in Japanese, implying that I had eaten 'three small cats' instead of 'three small meals'. It's entertaining, and unique, to this culture.… Continue reading Language quirks