PhD Progress & Thoughts

Excitement in Academia

I found an exciting thing!

The thing I found is really useful, and exciting, and will provide a useful key point for my entire Thesis and its applicability for hospitals, large organisations, and any organisation that requires any sort of Governance.

It’s big and exciting and I’m really, really happy I found it.

But I can’t tell you what ‘it’ is, because a) Self-Plagiarism risk and b) idea-theft.

I know. Academics can suck like that.

However, I want to TELL you that I have an important finding, and that I am making progress in my PhD, without telling you the details. If you, individually, want to know what that thing is, I can tell you in conversation, but to post it online is setting myself up for a copyright trap.

SO, until I publish the paper on what I found, here is a very vague update that I FOUND A THING and that thing is GOOD. YAY.


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