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Matriarchy – Opinion

I'm going to write along the thread of this post by Jennifer Berdahl; Berdahl is a senior academic, who rose through the ranks witnessing the harmful stereotypes 'given' to women as they gained power. She started out hoping to change the narrative of senior academics being called 'bitch' or 'crazy'. Then, after more than… Continue reading Matriarchy – Opinion

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A Doctor’s Wife

Okay, I'll confess. I enjoy my social position as a Doctor's Wife*. Moving from hospital to hospital as your doctor-partner trains and improves their skills. 'Taking a post' at a nationally-large hospital for unique career development opportunities. Walking the hallowed halls of the Colleges of Medicine around the world, and being happily greeted on the… Continue reading A Doctor’s Wife

Culture Studies

The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience

What is the 'Quintessential' Australian experience? With a multicultural island like the one I live on, what defines this place from everywhere else? Some people go straight to the colonial stereotypes. The sun-burnt white man with an Akubra hat and khaki pants. Steve Irwin, 'surfer dudes' and farmers on horseback. I mean, that's all well… Continue reading The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience