Culture Studies

The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience

What is the ‘Quintessential’ Australian experience? With a multicultural island like the one I live on, what defines this place from everywhere else?

Some people go straight to the colonial stereotypes. The sun-burnt white man with an Akubra hat and khaki pants. Steve Irwin, ‘surfer dudes’ and farmers on horseback.
I mean, that’s all well and good…but that doesn’t completely capture what’s going on over here.

Visitors to Australia want to try a burger, go to the zoo and see some Kangaroos, and then watch a sunset over one of our gorgeous beaches. That’s nice as well, but…there’s a lot more than that going on here. The concept of a bogan doesn’t completely capture suburban life as much as bogans think it does.

There’s more to Australia than the Sydney Opera House, scenes from Finding Nemo, and Barbecues.

Each generation is slightly different. Each one a little more progressive than the last. We’re connected, multicultural, and have a pretty good sense of humour.

Instead of a huge, long rant like some of my other posts, I’m just going to write up a playlist and let you draw your own conclusions of what this illustrates about Australian culture. While one or two of these artists are not Australian, they all portray Australians and are filmed in the country;

Here’s a small playlist of songs I put on when I think of life as an Australian citizen;
1 – Saskwatch ‘December Nights’;
2 – Alex Lahey ‘Ivy League’;
3 – Lisa Mitchell ‘The Boys’;
4 – Good Boy ‘Poverty Line;
5 – Jessica Mauboy ‘The Day Before I Met You’; and ‘
6 – Jessica Mauboy ‘Pop a Bottle (Fill me Up)’;
7 – Yothu Yindi ‘Treaty’;
9 – David Bowie ‘Let’s Dance’;
10 – Bran Nue Dae ‘Nothing I Would Rather Be’;
11 – Bran Nue Dae ‘Long Way From My Country’;
12 – Priscilla, Queen of the Desert ‘I Will Survive’;

Happy listening!




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