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Things I Learned The Hard Way

This post is for my Gen Y friends who still haven’t quite got the hang of adulthood, for my Millennial little sisters who are about to venture into the world of independence, and anyone else who wants to know what a person should know when they move out of home.

I’ll make a list, so that this post doesn’t become too tiring to read; long story short, there was a lot I did not know when I was 19 and packaging my possessions for an interstate relocation.

  • How to spot a bad removal company
  • How to prevent yourself from getting ‘ripped off’ by a tradesperson
  • How to negotiate an internet bill that has overcharged your account
  • How to set up a Post Office Box, and a mail redirection service
  • Get your own phone plan
  • How to clean a shower
  • How, and when, to call the police for an emergency
  • How to familiarise yourself with a new city
  • How to cook (Pasta, rice, chicken, steak, potatoes, noodles and dumplings)
  • How to do the laundry
  • How to fill a prescription
  • How to celebrate New Year’s Eve
  • How to get a hangover
  • How to disinfect the entire home after a bout of gastroentoritis
  • How to host a party
  • How to mess up an IKEA cabinet
  • How to buy an affordable couch
  • Appropriately assessing cost-benefits, and ‘sunk cost’ of an opportunity
  • How to get a passport
  • How to order a Birth Certificate and a Wedding Certificate
  • How to book a celebrant
  • How to negotiate a large dinner at a restaurant
  • How to travel to a foreign country
  • How to get cheap flights
  • How to properly do the groceries, and plan meals for a week
  • How to stop being a consumerist, and be more mindful with my purchases
  • How to make friends as an adult
  • How to be a good guest
  • How to record family history
  • How to drive, and avoid dangerous drivers on a freeway
  • My rights and responsibilities as a tenant of an apartment block
  • How to handle my partner’s differences in sleeping patterns and daily habits
  • How to respectfully disagree with my father-in-law
  • How to visit a hospital
  • How to handle estrangement
  • How to make a difficult decision
  • How to get a job
  • How to handle boredom due to unemployment
  • How to walk away from a job that’s not good for you
  • How to balance exercise and desk-work for a healthy lifestyle
  • How to shop at an asian grocery store (Bring cash, don’t fumble at the till, and where certain items are kept in relation to each other)
  • How to responsibly consume alcohol at social events (and not make an idiot of yourself)
  • What to do if a family member needs to go to the hospital Emergency room
  • How to drive to the airport
  • How to book a car service
  • How to pump a car tyre (Still getting the hang of this one!)
  • How to balance work with family and friend commitments
  • How to attend my partner’s work functions
  • How to go about my day without worrying about other peoples’ opinions
  • How to drive around shopping centres during Christmas trading periods
  • How to adapt holiday celebrations to a new family dynamic (such as one that doesn’t usually celebrate Christmas)
  • How to book a doctor’s appointment
  • How to find a comfortable pair of shoes
  • How to book a makeup appointment
  • How to call a cab/taxi
  • How to travel alone safely
  • How to convert one currency into another at a decent rate

I’m sure there are many more things, but this was the list that immediately came to mind.

What things did you have to learn in order to become an adult?


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