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Resolutions of Things I Will Ask Of Others

Hi everyone!

I stopped taking ‘New Years’ Resolutions’ seriously when I was about 17, after realizing that making commitments at specific times of year was meaningless if you weren’t willing to follow them through, and you lacked the support you needed from loved ones.

Let’s just say the period of Lent that followed was not received well by my family.

ANYHOW, deciding that all of a sudden I was ‘gonna lose weight’, ‘stop consuming Coca Cola products’, or ‘consume less than 40g of sugar a day!’ was hit and miss for many years because, well, both my western culture and my family setup at the time was not encouraging of such statements. Foods all had hidden sugars in them (I was mortified to learn), The company which owns Coca Cola has hundreds of subsidiaries, and keeping an eye on the scales is much harder when someone else controls what’s for dinner. I tried, I failed, I tried again, and then decided to be a little satirical. One year I resolved to ‘stop caring what other people think of my daily routine’, and last year I publically posted on Facebook that my New Years’ Goal was to Do Nothing Because I’m Fine.

This year is going to be much of the same. Nothing needs to change because I’m happy the way I am, and I’m perfectly healthy for my age. What I will do, however, is write a list of things I intend to seek out and ask of other people this year, because why not. Might as well keep people around me accountable and/or on their toes.

[Yes, I know it’s March now but I wrote this post in December and since it’s not a New Years’ resolution anyhow I don’t mind that it’s posted ‘a little late’]

Things I want to ask of other people this year;

  1. Ask someone at my university’s graduate research hub to teach me, properly, about ‘Writerly Voice’ and style. I keep getting comments that I need to work on my ‘voice’ and no amount of Youtube tutorials or blog articles is making things any clearer. I need a person to step me through this one.
  2. One of my supervisors has a personality that I find hard to decipher. Their motivations, likes and dislikes are totally alien to me due to them being from another generation and starting from another field. This year I’m going to ask them to tell me, black and white, where they stand. I need to know to have a good relationship with them, and so I’ll just come out and ask them. They’re nice enough from the outset but I find it easier to approach people when I know how they’ll react to certain topics.
  3. I’m going to grill – I mean really test – the knowledge of every barista I encounter that tries to charge me an insane amount of money for my coffee. I want to know where they trained, what methods they use for their coffee, what school of thought regarding bean storage they hold, and what their contrary opinions are concerning the use of hard or soft water. I want to judge their technique, sample a long black of their creation, and if it’s bitter as hell I’ll give them a thumbs-down.
    Life is too short for burnt dreams and regret in liquid form.
    (Of course I’ll pick a non-peak period to do this, I’m not an asshole)
  4. Ask my husband to cook for me more often. He’s a good cook and aside from how exhausted his work makes him, I don’t know why I don’t let him cook more often.
  5. Ask for more feedback on my work, from people who aren’t my family or my supervisors. I need to know what I can improve ASAP, as my thesis due date looms.
  6. Ask professionals already in the field, what jobs are out there for people with my skills. Don’t necessarily have to go into research after doing my PhD, although I may enjoy it.
  7. Ask my local grocer if they do delivery. I haven’t got the time to go to the store every week and I’m sure there’s a better way to do this than to drag my husband to the grocery store every Saturday just so we can spend some more time together.
  8. Ask my local apiary, my local city farm, my local hospital what I can do to help.

What are the things you want to ask for this year? It can be as little as a change in breakfast, or as big as a conversation about your career with your boss! Comment with your thoughts if you have anything you’d like to add.


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