Ordering from Signomatic

Well, as a professional who is savvy on the internet, I came across the offer for bloggers to write about Signomatic and get a free sign, so here’s my review.

Before I wrote a review about the company I decided to order something for myself. Because I have a sense of humour and was tempted to see the quality of products offered by the company, I ordered a wooden sign that was to read ‘Proactive Leverager of Global Synergy’.

Why did I want a sign to display that phrase? Because it’s pointing a bit of fun at corporate buzzwords that have slowly been misused to the point of becoming meaningless. Applications that have the word ‘proactive’ on them usually means that someone’s looking for a person to do a lot of work that’s not stated in the job description, a ‘leverager’ is just someone who works to do something, and ‘Global Synergy’ is just…

I’ll let you decide that one for yourself.

So I eagerly waited for my fun new sign to arrive so I could stick it up in my office at university. Oh, how we’d all laugh as we walked past this stupid sign. What fun!

Good thing it arrived in a reasonable time frame, and that the quality of my product was well within what I expected.

The wood was thicker than I anticipated it to be – but that was certainly not a bad thing! It was light, the letters were well engraved into the sign, and it was a size convenient enough for me to use my own fixing materials to stick it to my office door.

The verdict – Yes, I would use Signomatic again, and again. Their prices were reasonable, the delivery was acceptable, and the quality of their product is as advertised. Pretty much everything you want from a sign company.

What should I order next? A personal name badge? Another fun sign? Let me know!


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