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‘Is Management Research Visible Outside the Academic Community?’

Hamet, J., & Maurer, F. (2017). Is management research visible outside the academic community? M@n@gement. 20(5). Association Internationale de Management Stratégique

According to this article,



Evidence-based Practice is not present in management professional culture,

Direct communication and collaboration between research and industry in management doesn’t occur due to practice and academic silos – one of the very things management researchers investigate, and

There is a lack of ‘bridging media’ bringing research to the practicing community. Blogs like this one, and ‘forum discussions’ within organisations led by researchers are comparatively rare.

So what should we do? Hold more pub-talks about management research for practitioners? Participate more in professional organisations for SciComm outreach? Subscribe more to my blog and request that I write about scholarly articles in layman terms?



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