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Thankyou Minecraft, for Helping me with my Thesis

I play Minecraft when I try to procrastinate.

Overall, it’s a decent system. I play during the game’s ‘daytime’, then as my character hides from monsters at night I do a little typing on whatever needs work.

Sometimes my work gets carried away and I do more than one in-game night’s worth of writing and editing. This is usually a good sign that I’m ‘getting into the groove’ of my project, when the lure of shovelling sand and building houses is less intriguing than making progress on articles and chapters.

It’s a fun and unique process that I’ve found works with my particular attention span. If I can’t procrastinate with housework or exercise, this is the next best thing. Digging for diamonds, setting up traps for zombies, and building little villages to play in are all in a day’s work when coupled with writing my Research Proposal or the next journal article. On a slow day I can manage to write and/or edit approximately 2,000 words, with a little help from a highly pixellated game that keeps me on my toes.


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