Madeleine Kendrick is a PhD student with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) and a Bachelor of Human Resource Management.
She has experience working in a Newsagent, a Fast Food Restaurant, University Radio, Recruitment, Payroll, Administration, and High-end Retail. She enjoyed working at the Radio and occasionally in Recruitment.

The opinions expressed in this blog are that of the author, and not the Professional opinions of the author, nor any organisations she may be affiliated with.

Mrs. Kendrick has a Twitter (@MIKendrick94), a LinkedIn profile, and a desire to do something useful with her life. This has manifested in a bad online comic which she will never claim ownership of, a failed clothing line, a list of abandoned small-business ideas, and a few litres of donated blood. She’s not afraid of rolling up her sleeves and pitching in to help, or the taste of failure as yet another plant dies from her attentions.

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