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Being A Whistleblower

Hi everyone! Today I'm writing about a tendency I developed as I matured into adulthood. Basically, I'm a Whistleblower. From the moment I stepped into my HR course at university, I had a humanistic focus. I care about the worker, not the employer; unless the employer wants to improve the workplace for the worker. I've… Continue reading Being A Whistleblower

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Artists Who Are More Nuanced Than You Think

Is this a fan list? Maybe. Watch NCT U cycle through at least 7 different male K-POP settings in one, seamless catchy video. Watch T.O.P make one of (my opinion) THE most slick film references in a self-promotion art music video. G-DRAGON completely destroys 'party boy' culture in one sassy video. Is it an actual… Continue reading Artists Who Are More Nuanced Than You Think

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When To Go To The Emergency Room*

*This is evidently not an exhaustive list, and I am not a medical professional. Please use your own discretion, particularly if you live outside Australia. Your country's medical system could differ in significant ways, and thus will impact your treatment options. I recently had a friend proudly inform me that, after being mildly irritated by… Continue reading When To Go To The Emergency Room*

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‘Is Management Research Visible Outside the Academic Community?’

Hamet, J., & Maurer, F. (2017). Is management research visible outside the academic community? M@n@gement. 20(5). Association Internationale de Management Stratégique According to this article, No. Why? Evidence-based Practice is not present in management professional culture, Direct communication and collaboration between research and industry in management doesn't occur due to practice and academic silos - one of… Continue reading ‘Is Management Research Visible Outside the Academic Community?’

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Tree #6 by Myoung Ho Lee This artwork struck me when I was taken to a gallery by a friend. I usually love gallery outings with friends - seeing what interests them, and finding something new which interests me, is a fun activity for like-minded people. I have other loved ones who stand idly in art galleries looking distinctly confused.… Continue reading Tree #6 by Myoung Ho Lee