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Language quirks The following link explains all the different ways I have to count things when I use Japanese. I was laughed at for counting a plate the same way you count small animals in Japanese, implying that I had eaten 'three small cats' instead of 'three small meals'. It's entertaining, and unique, to this culture.… Continue reading Language quirks

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Strategy Fatigue

Or, 'when an intervention isn't worth the effort', or 'when doing something is worse than doing nothing'. A common issue in HR literature, and HR work in hospitals, is the issue of Strategy fatigue. Strategy Fatigue¬†in management is, essentially, employees and/or customers getting tired of a 'new approach' or a 'new system' being implemented. It… Continue reading Strategy Fatigue

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‘Soft’ skills, and Generation Y

I've been asked by my partner, and some others in my life, how I developed my near-innate ability to socialise and 'read' people. I'll be bluntly honest here; Big family.¬† I was in a social situation from Day 1. From the moment I was brought home from the hospital, I was surrounded by Grandparents, well-wishers,… Continue reading ‘Soft’ skills, and Generation Y

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A Day in the life of a Heretic*

*Perception of Heresy subject to own personal belief and cultural norms So I'm starting to mention with increasing frequency my 'white bread' upbringing - but it's actually really important! Being raised an Anglo-Saxon, Irish Catholic strongly shaped my worldview and perception of society as a whole up until I was about 15 years old, so… Continue reading A Day in the life of a Heretic*

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Japan, Okinawa, and My Learning Journey

Image credit to this website, which also gives you more information on Okinawa and the pictured 'Shisa'. I also felt that this image was appropriate to represent the duality of this post's ideals. So! Here they are; I look at the image of two Shisa - Okinawan guardian statues - and smile. I feel a… Continue reading Japan, Okinawa, and My Learning Journey