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Small Sacrifices for Long-Term Gain

In two years' time my partner and I plan to start a family. This is both a problem, and a challenge, for the both of us. For my husband the concept of thinking about the future and planning his activities so that today's effort will pay off by 2020 is a challenge. He's one of… Continue reading Small Sacrifices for Long-Term Gain

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Vera Blue – Lady Powers

Join me in my jam of the week! Lady Powers - Vera Blue Why do I love it? To me, it captures the strength of womanhood that many men take for granted. A casual disappointment, a regular let-down of small gestures that mean a lot to the recipient, or a flagrant disregard for promises;… Continue reading Vera Blue – Lady Powers

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Dear White People Commenting on my Family

This blog post is an open call-out letter to White people, addressing their comments on my family. Particular focus goes to my White family members. You know who you are. Take a quick listen to this. You don't have to hear the whole thing. Just take a listen to the first minute. What's your reaction;… Continue reading Dear White People Commenting on my Family

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Female Excellence in Rap Just wanted to bring to your attention the impact and skill of the women listed in the above link for Rapping Excellence. Each and every one of these women contributed something to the culture of women in the public sphere, and for that I am eternally grateful. WARNING some of these songs are explicit,… Continue reading Female Excellence in Rap

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DS9 is Better than NextGen ‘Star Trek’ [Opinion]

With the Star Trek Universe getting a well-timed refresher with Discovery, I thought I'd write an opinion piece on two competing series; Deep Space Nine, and Next Generation. Are they 'really' competing with each other? Not really; Canonically the two series occur concurrently, with frequent cross-over episodes. But should the two be compared? Yes. For… Continue reading DS9 is Better than NextGen ‘Star Trek’ [Opinion]