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Ballad of the Ancient Cypress (poem)

A poem by Chinese poet Du Fu. Before Kongming's shrine stands an ancient cypress, Its branches are like green bronze, its roots just like stone. The frosted bark, slippery with rain, is forty spans around, Its blackness blends into the sky two thousand feet above. Master and servant have each already reached their time's end,… Continue reading Ballad of the Ancient Cypress (poem)

Culture Studies

The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience

What is the 'Quintessential' Australian experience? With a multicultural island like the one I live on, what defines this place from everywhere else? Some people go straight to the colonial stereotypes. The sun-burnt white man with an Akubra hat and khaki pants. Steve Irwin, 'surfer dudes' and farmers on horseback. I mean, that's all well… Continue reading The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience

Culture Studies

Language quirks The following link explains all the different ways I have to count things when I use Japanese. I was laughed at for counting a plate the same way you count small animals in Japanese, implying that I had eaten 'three small cats' instead of 'three small meals'. It's entertaining, and unique, to this culture.… Continue reading Language quirks

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Strategy Fatigue

Or, 'when an intervention isn't worth the effort', or 'when doing something is worse than doing nothing'. A common issue in HR literature, and HR work in hospitals, is the issue of Strategy fatigue. Strategy Fatigue┬áin management is, essentially, employees and/or customers getting tired of a 'new approach' or a 'new system' being implemented. It… Continue reading Strategy Fatigue