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Student Budget

I'm facing an interstate move in order to complete my PhD (temporarily - I have a deep fondness for Western Australia that grows by the week) and with such a move comes the financial uncertainty associated with unpaid education. Sure, Australia does pretty well internationally when it comes to student support, but it's no Sweden.… Continue reading Student Budget

PhD Progress & Thoughts

The Importance of a Sense of Humour

The last two weeks have been...difficult. Ruminating, pacing, scream-into-a-pillow difficult. Not because of any hardship per se, but because of a total stoppage of communication, and the sensation that I'm peripheral to the goals of other people. You know the times when a borderline passive-aggressive email chain could be quickly solved by a relaxed phone… Continue reading The Importance of a Sense of Humour

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Personal Resilience – Opinion

This is NOT a post about the theory of Personal Resilience, this is a personal anecdote in favour of the fact that Personal Resilience is not always the 'weak link' of employees surviving workplace issues. Sometimes, the fault lies with the workplace. Doctors time and again have postulated that it's not them, it's the hospital,… Continue reading Personal Resilience – Opinion