Why SuitGuy Won’t be Getting That Contract

So, yesterday I got to see - in practice - why management gets such little respect from clinicians and hospital staff. A micro-case-study, if you will. Let me set the scene. SuitGuy goes to an event to meet a Board Member. He's in a flashy suit. Well-dressed, clean-shaven, with a matching watch and briefcase. He… Continue reading Why SuitGuy Won’t be Getting That Contract


Writing an Interesting Research Question

https://patthomson.net/2018/03/19/writing-bad-research-questions/ The linked article was very useful even though it focused on the opposite of today's blog topic. In outlining how to write a bad research question (and providing a priceless book reference to read later), I was able to check my current work against the 'what NOT to do' and identify that - while… Continue reading Writing an Interesting Research Question