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Small Sacrifices for Long-Term Gain

In two years' time my partner and I plan to start a family. This is both a problem, and a challenge, for the both of us. For my husband the concept of thinking about the future and planning his activities so that today's effort will pay off by 2020 is a challenge. He's one of… Continue reading Small Sacrifices for Long-Term Gain

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The Amateur Barista

Call me a cliche, but as a PhD student part of me thinks I should at least know how to make a good coffee. As someone who enjoys drinking coffee, and who is in the demographic of people who usually end up as career baristas due to sad statistics concerning postgraduate employment, it seems pertinent… Continue reading The Amateur Barista

PhD Progress & Thoughts

How To Be The Best At Time Management…

...and still have your husband wondering what you're doing tomorrow. For those other organised people out there in long-term, cohabiting relationships, you know precisely what I mean. The Process I have a personal diary in whatever bag I take with me, a Desk-diary with everything and anything written in it, a month-per-view calendar, and a… Continue reading How To Be The Best At Time Management…

PhD Progress & Thoughts

I made it. (2017) As of January 2018 I will be the recipient of a Research Training Scholarship, awarded by my institution for academic achievement and performance. I can attribute my gratitude mostly to the efforts of my supervisory team, which have given me an amazing amount of support in my journey towards excellence, and it's mostly to… Continue reading I made it. (2017)