Life & General

A Doctor’s Wife

Okay, I'll confess. I enjoy my social position as a Doctor's Wife*. Moving from hospital to hospital as your doctor-partner trains and improves their skills. 'Taking a post' at a nationally-large hospital for unique career development opportunities. Walking the hallowed halls of the Colleges of Medicine around the world, and being happily greeted on the… Continue reading A Doctor’s Wife

Culture Studies

The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience

What is the 'Quintessential' Australian experience? With a multicultural island like the one I live on, what defines this place from everywhere else? Some people go straight to the colonial stereotypes. The sun-burnt white man with an Akubra hat and khaki pants. Steve Irwin, 'surfer dudes' and farmers on horseback. I mean, that's all well… Continue reading The ‘Quintessential’ Australian Experience