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Re-Blogging: Pat Thomson’s Threshholds

via threshold concepts in academic writing I'm re-blogging this particular post by Pat Thomson because she wrote an incredibly useful view of academic writing that I wanted to share with others. Before I read this post I was personally struggling with the concept of academic writing - hitting my head against the proverbial wall, as… Continue reading Re-Blogging: Pat Thomson’s Threshholds

PhD Progress & Thoughts

Re-Blogging: Raul Pacheo Vega’s comments on ‘Tales of the Field’ Basically re-posting this link so others can find it, too - this book's position on Ethnographic research approaches are very useful and I find myself agreeing with most of this text as well.

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Tree #6 by Myoung Ho Lee This artwork struck me when I was taken to a gallery by a friend. I usually love gallery outings with friends - seeing what interests them, and finding something new which interests me, is a fun activity for like-minded people. I have other loved ones who stand idly in art galleries looking distinctly confused.… Continue reading Tree #6 by Myoung Ho Lee


Writing an Interesting Research Question The linked article was very useful even though it focused on the opposite of today's blog topic. In outlining how to write a bad research question (and providing a priceless book reference to read later), I was able to check my current work against the 'what NOT to do' and identify that - while… Continue reading Writing an Interesting Research Question