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What to Know About Psychiatry – From a Doctor’s Wife I want to bring your attention to the linked article above. It's a recount from a person who was admitted to a psychiatric locked ward, and their experiences. When it comes to hospitals, I know many people can be anxious. I certainly was, before I married a doctor. I was lucky enough to hardly… Continue reading What to Know About Psychiatry – From a Doctor’s Wife

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The Challenge of Omiyage

Last month my mother-in-law, my husband and I went to Japan. It was for a few reasons. Firstly, it was so that I could meet the Japanese side of my new family after marrying a half-Okinawan man. Secondly, it was so that my mother-in-law could catch up with friends and extended family members. Finally, it… Continue reading The Challenge of Omiyage

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The Kendrick Christmas Tradition

In my family, there is myself, my husband, and my parents-in-law. (Due to a number of cultural and interpersonal factors I am estranged from my biological family) My Mother-in-Law is from Okinawa, my Father-in-Law is an atheist Englishman. My husband is a mix of the two, while I am a Protestant who was raised with… Continue reading The Kendrick Christmas Tradition

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Why This Blog is not Purely Academic

This blog is titled 'Research and Beyond' for a reason. As my Twitter followers already know, @MIKendrick94 does not always post research-exclusive things. Sometimes I post things that are political, creative, feminist, or outside my field (STEM subjects, specifically). That is, in essence, because my journey as a PhD student and an academic-in-training is holistic.… Continue reading Why This Blog is not Purely Academic