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A Problem, not a Disorder

Hi! I have an anxiety problem. No, it's not a disorder. I got screened by a GP, then a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and PTSD. I wasn't sleeping, I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, and I was finding myself panicking over little things like being 2 minutes late or dropping some paper.… Continue reading A Problem, not a Disorder


Why SuitGuy Won’t be Getting That Contract

So, yesterday I got to see - in practice - why management gets such little respect from clinicians and hospital staff. A micro-case-study, if you will. Let me set the scene. SuitGuy goes to an event to meet a Board Member. He's in a flashy suit. Well-dressed, clean-shaven, with a matching watch and briefcase. He… Continue reading Why SuitGuy Won’t be Getting That Contract

PhD Progress & Thoughts

Conducting Research with Integrity 2

A Sequel to the first one; Conducting Research with Integrity I Commented on things like communicating with stakeholders and acting with integrity when it comes to honestly interacting with the beneficiaries of my work, but there is also more to it at times. Sometimes, how you go about the paperwork can be important, too. So,… Continue reading Conducting Research with Integrity 2

PhD Progress & Thoughts

Using Online Data From a Third-Party Source: The Ethics of Security Breaches

Replying to: Research Whisperer posted on Twitter earlier this year with the question, 'would you use data provided through a security breach, made public on the internet?' My simple answer was no, and I'll briefly delve into why. My research topic, scope and focus deals with real, highly-ethically-careful individuals. Every aspect of their work… Continue reading Using Online Data From a Third-Party Source: The Ethics of Security Breaches

Life & General

Christmas Surveillance Camera! Oh boy! A fake surveillance camera to put up in the home to 'watch over the children' so they 'behave' because otherwise my parenting ineptitude will allow these little monsters to run rampant and destroy the little control I have left! Sorry did I sound sarcastic? Because I totally meant to be sarcastic. As… Continue reading Christmas Surveillance Camera!