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Why This Blog is not Purely Academic

This blog is titled 'Research and Beyond' for a reason. As my Twitter followers already know, @MIKendrick94 does not always post research-exclusive things. Sometimes I post things that are political, creative, feminist, or outside my field (STEM subjects, specifically). That is, in essence, because my journey as a PhD student and an academic-in-training is holistic.… Continue reading Why This Blog is not Purely Academic

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Historic Recipes from Mrs Crocombe

Recently I discovered a video series about a Professional Cook hired in a noble's kitchen in the Victorian Era. Her name was Mrs Crocombe, and her cookbook survived long enough to be preserved by history academics, where it is now put into practice to re-create old recipes for posterity. Out of curiosity, I watched the… Continue reading Historic Recipes from Mrs Crocombe

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The Homey Comfort of DIY Videos

The past few weeks I've been spending my free time watching DIY videos. How to paint a wall. How to install tiles. How to make a wooden box. How to prepare soil for a garden. The friendly instruction provided by professional tradespeople, accompanied by a demonstration and un-intrusive music, is very calming. They competently perform… Continue reading The Homey Comfort of DIY Videos