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Why This Blog is not Purely Academic

This blog is titled 'Research and Beyond' for a reason. As my Twitter followers already know, @MIKendrick94 does not always post research-exclusive things. Sometimes I post things that are political, creative, feminist, or outside my field (STEM subjects, specifically). That is, in essence, because my journey as a PhD student and an academic-in-training is holistic.… Continue reading Why This Blog is not Purely Academic

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Heatwaves This is echoing a thread I posted on Twitter, and will continue to post on all my social media accounts until this Global Warming thing is under control. Heatwaves are getting worse and we need to adapt, fast. With coal still powering most of our electricity, power outages mean that air conditioning is… Continue reading Heatwaves

PhD Progress & Thoughts

Writerly ‘Voice’ I recently received feedback from one of my supervisors on a draft. They requested that I develop my 'voice', and then elaborated no further. As an incredibly verbose person I benefit very little from simple statements with no context or guidance. This is something that this supervisor has yet to work around, and something… Continue reading Writerly ‘Voice’

Life & General · PhD Progress & Thoughts

Resolutions of Things I Will Ask Of Others

Hi everyone! I stopped taking 'New Years' Resolutions' seriously when I was about 17, after realizing that making commitments at specific times of year was meaningless if you weren't willing to follow them through, and you lacked the support you needed from loved ones. Let's just say the period of Lent that followed was not… Continue reading Resolutions of Things I Will Ask Of Others