Review: Book (The Death of Ivan Ilyich)

Today I'm going to briefly review Leo Tolstoy's 'The Death of Ivan Ilyich'. Why? Well, I found it to be a really poignant tale that was insightful, eye-opening, and allowed me to think critically about my novels for the first time in a while. I enjoyed the mundanity that other reviewers found irritating. The contrast… Continue reading Review: Book (The Death of Ivan Ilyich)

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Strategy Fatigue

Or, 'when an intervention isn't worth the effort', or 'when doing something is worse than doing nothing'. A common issue in HR literature, and HR work in hospitals, is the issue of Strategy fatigue. Strategy Fatigue┬áin management is, essentially, employees and/or customers getting tired of a 'new approach' or a 'new system' being implemented. It… Continue reading Strategy Fatigue